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"UW-L Rah!"

Whatever the season there is a performance waiting to happen.  If you haven't joined the Alumni Band lately or want to join up for more fun here is the tentative upcoming Schedule of Events:

Upcoming Performances in 2018!!

  • June Dairy Days Parade in West Salem, Wisconsin - June 2nd
  • Germanfest at the Summerfest Grounds, Milwaukee, Wisconsin - July 28 at 4pm, watch for details!
  • Oktoberfest Maple Leaf Parade - Saturday, September 29
  • Shriner Christmas Gig - Saturday, December 1 at the Radisson in La Crosse, then possible Rotary Lights Christmas Caroling

June Dairy Days - June 2, 2018

The June Dairy Days parade is coming up on Saturday, June 2nd, here are some details for those of you interested in marching. It's a super fun time and easy on your chops and body. A great way to keep yourself in tip top physical shape for the sporatic events we have ahead :)

If you can march and haven't contacted anyone so far you are VERY welcome to join in but note that we are no longer giving out t-shirts for this event. If you do not have the 'standard' alumni shirt (started giving out at Ofest 2016) or one of the dry fit alumni shirts, we are now (forever) wearing a maroon tshirt, so if you have something near to that color you can blend in. If you haven't already, please contact Laura if you are marching and let her know your instrument. If you are in need of a loaner instrument please contact Jeff Hankey for percussion and Kris Cvikota for large brass. We will not be bringing extra equipment to this event and will need to know what you need before 6/1/18. Lisa B may have tshirts if you would like to contact her, we will get a final date for ordering.

We will be meeting at Westview starting at the time schedule below and will commence to the corner of Tilson and Mill Streets (like last year). If you can't meet at Westview meet us there. Watch the facebook page for details.

Here's the DEETS!

What: The June Dairy Days Parade
Who: UW-L Alumni Band and Friends
Where: Meet at Westview Inn, 174 S Leonard St. West Salem, WI
When: Saturday, June 2
Percussion: 10:30 am
All: 11:00 am
Parade Step Off: Noonish
Extras: Hats ($6) and bandanas ($3) 'a la' dairy cow style' will be preordered by Laura. Let her know if you want one or the other by May 18.

We'll meet at the Westview Inn and you're certainly welcome to come a little earlier and socialize. We'll wander to the parade set up spot (Tilson and Mill) around 11:30-noon.

It's a short parade but super fun! Afterwards, we'll play a few tunes in the village park. Festivities will continue in the local taverns on the main drag.

We hope you can join us! UW-L RAH!


Germanfest at the Summerfest Grounds, Milwaukee, Wisconsin - July 28 at 4pm, watch for details!

Contact Person: Dave B

Check back for more info, but the standard 'speal' is the same.  If you will be needing an instrument please contact Dave before July 27.


Oktoberfest in La Crosse - Saturday, September 29

Check back for details

Shriners Event Performance - Saturday, December 1

The Shriners have again invited the Alumni Band to play for their convention on Saturday, December 1st in La Crosse.  The information for this event will be on the facebook group page:

  • Where: Radisson La Crosse - meeting place tbd - watch facebook groups for an announcement or change on the facebook event
  • When: Saturday, Dec 1st, meet at 7:00pm, play at 7:30ish (watch for updates on this time on the website and facebook events)
  • What: Wear the last Ofest shirt if you have one, or just an Ofest shirt in general, maybe some holiday accents. We are playing our regular tunes, minus the 'funky junque' cadence and minus 'Hey Baby'. If there is enough time we will have some Christmas music there and can possibly work up two of these easy tunes if we can meet right a tad early
  • Why: The Shriners banquet
  • Who: Any Alumni Band member!
  • Event Contact: Drew Kluge or Jim Sowatzke if you can make it with your Name and Instrument. If you need big brass or percussion contact Kris or Jeff

We hope you can join us! UW-L RAH!